What’s Important Now? 09-06-2013 – (Part 1) Investment in yourself a critical element of the pursuit of personal excellence.

One of the newsletters I receive is the W.I.N. Newsletter.
W.I.N. stands for

I think that is a great question. If you were to answer that question, what would your answer be?

A recent issue of the newsletter addresses that question like this:

W.I.N. Newsletter – Investing in You

In past newsletters we have talked about personal development as an investment in yourself and a critical element of the pursuit of personal excellence. This investment can take many forms. It can be investing in a conference such as Legacy of Excellence, investing in a one day seminar, investing in a one or two hour presentation sponsored by your local Chamber of Commerce or other group, investing in a course through your local university or college, investing in a home study course, investing in a print book or audio book, investing in a library card, investing in a regular fitness ritual (I prefer ritual to routine) or investing in a personal coach or business coach.

All of these investments will yield tremendous pay offs in every aspect of your personal and professional life. It will also pay off in a huge way for future generations as you model this commitment to personal growth and development for your children, your friends, your family, your peers and your subordinates. All of these people will pay far more attention to what you do than what you say.

Many people have complained to me over the years that their company or organization does not care about them because they will not pay for them to attend training, or they do not provide the opportunity to workout on company time. My response (sometimes out loud and sometimes with my inside voice) is SO WHAT. Do you care about yourself?

If you do then stop whining, ask yourself What’s Important Now and stand up and be responsible and accountable for yourself.

Self-improvement and development is a personal responsibility. Any assistance you get from your organizations is simply abonus. If you are going to abdicate your personal growth and development to someone else then you are also abdicating your health, well being, happiness, growth and success to someone else. That my friend is a classic example of ostrich thinking.

I would once again encourage you to take stock of your investments.

Not your financial ones (although that may be a good idea as well) but your personal ones. In the last year how much time, effort and resources have you invested in yourself. I know you are busy.

Everyone is busy. However, the most successful people in any field are usually the ones who invest the most in themselves.

Seek excellence in your life through a continual commitment to learning, growth and development.

Take care.

Brian Willis
CEO (Chief Excellence Officer), Winning Mind Training Inc.

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