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Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and almost every beginning has a story that leads up to it. In the case of Self-Protection Essentials, the beginning was at a networking meeting where I had just described myself and my background to some of my new friends.

At that time I was doing several different things, including reminiscing about the time when I owned a karate school. I really enjoyed owning that school, and teaching karate, and transforming the lives of my students.

At the above mentioned networking meeting, after describing what I was doing, and the fact that I used to teach karate, I casually added, "You know, all things considered, I'd rather be teaching karate." The next thing I know, my friends are asking me, "Well, how do get there from here?"

I admitted that I did not know.  What I did know was that for a traditional martial arts school to succeed you need either about 150 students, or you need to add an after school program (aka, a daycare), and I wasn't willing to run a daycare.

We did some brain storming and after a bit I was asked, "Have you ever thought about teaching self-defense to women in the workplace?"

I admitted that I had not, and I asked them, "How would that work?"

Well after a bit more brainstorming it looked like the numbers would work.

I went home and thought about it for three days and came to the conclusion that I did not want to teach self-defense to women in the workplace... I wanted to teach Self-Protection to women in the workplace.

As I explained to my friends, the difference between self-defense and Self-Protection is simple.

Self-defense is what you do when you are being attacked.

Self-Protection is, "lets not go there in the first place... But if you do end up there, it is having what you need,
to get the time,
to get to safety."

Once they heard that, they were all excited by the idea. I assembled a mastermind group tasked with the purpose of getting this company up and going. They did a fabulous job!

That is the story of the beginning of this company. However, as I mentioned, almost every story of a beginning has a story behind it. In this case that back story includes: my 6 year old daughter who started karate; my curiosity about what she was doing; my joining her in studying karate; her stopping because her grades were not as good as she wanted them to be; my sticking with karate; getting my blackbelt; being given the karate school I was trained in; seeing several of my students lives transformed into greatness through what I taught. After a number of years I had to give the school to my assistant. However, I was so touched by the transformations that my students went through, I always wanted to do that again.

And the rest, as you know, is history.

If you would like to know more about my journey you may read the article:
Martial Arts and Survivors

Richard Liebespach (Founder & CEO)
Self-Protection Essentials

Our Approach

There are several companies out there with the same desire as Self-Protection Essentials. However there are several things which set us apart from the rest.

There are a few similarities between ourselves and our competitors.

* We all desire that when you are attacked, that you be able to get to safety;
* We all train you in physical techniques intended to be able to get you to safety;
* We all believe we can accomplish that goal.

Those desires and beliefs are not enough. In fact, some of their differences can give you a false sense of confidence, a false sense of security, or worse... severely injured.

The things that differentiate Self Protection Essentials from the rest are an out growth of our philosophy and out core beliefs.

A cornerstone of our core beliefs is that we believe, at the core of our being, that we have been equipped to be able teach and with material to teach, that can save lives and save people from severe bodily harm. As a result, the martial arts and other material we have learned over several decades is the foundation of the physical techniques we teach. The material we teach is not everything we have learned. The material that we teach has been specifically chosen for its ability to be rapidly learned by people with no martial arts background. More than that, it is material that has been chosen because it is effective. And finally, it is material that almost every adult can perform adequately.

To give you a more specific understanding of what makes us unique in this industry, here are the differences between ourselves and our

Self-Protection Essentials ..... The Other Guys:

  • We teach people to NOT kick... They teach people to kick;
  • We teach people to NOT punch...They teach people to punch;
  • We train in regular clothes... They train in rubber suits;
  • We train people age 15 and up... (some) train only adults;
  • We ask you to come dress in your daily attire... they ask you to come in workout clothes;
  • We train almost everyone.... They train those who are above average physically fit;
  • We price our material at regular person prices... They price their material around the same as a mortgage payment;
  • We spend 1/3 of our time teaching things that have nothing to do with physical self-defense... They train predominantly physical self-defense;
  • We teach and train self-protection concepts.... They train predominantly martial arts techniques;
  • We train in all forms of self-protection (including firearms)... They train in either .

You may be asking yourself, "Why did they decide to be so different from everyone else?"

For the answer to this question and more, click the FAQ button.

Meet the Team

All companies have a team of good people that make good things happen. In the case of Self-Protection Essentials, we have the wisdom of  two men who are specialists within their own domain, whose skills complement each other to bring about success.

Richard Liebespach - SPC

Richard Liebespach

Founder & CEO

I am a:
married man;
father of a high school math teacher;
martial arts instructor;
firearms instructor;
member of a Christian ministry that raises money for local charities that help widows, orphans, and the families of law enforcement officers slain in the line of duty (Warriors For Christ);
professional speaker/trainer who provides seminars on personal safety (Self-Protection Essentials,llc), where I teach people how to stay safe from violent crime.

I am making a difference in the areas of
♦ Domestic violence and sexual assault.

I teach people:
♦ mindset
♦ awareness;
♦ avoidance;
♦ deterrence;
♦ deescalation;
♦ defense (how they can defend themselves, physically, even against the biggest baddest person they have met recently... I teach them how to get 5 seconds of free time so they can get to someplace safe.)

Having said all that, one of the easiest ways to get to know me is to come to one of my seminars.

♦ North American Jiteki Jyuku Association (member of the Board of Directors)
♦ Greater Riverview Chamber of Commerce
♦ National Rifle Association
♦ South Shore Business Association
♦ Sun City Center Chamber of Commerce
♦ Warriors For Christ and Country

♦ The brother of a Domestic Violence Victim/Survivor
♦ USF Alumni
♦ Christian (which is the foundation of my life and business)

Cliff Powell

Cliff Powell

Business Manager

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Next Steps...

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