Crisis Survival Training

When seconds count, help is minutes away. We equip, empower and transform lives via the Mindset, Awareness and Preparation enabling them to be able to go home for dinner. Our training may save your life or prevent your rape.

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Social Setting Survival Training

Not all assaults are crisis situations, and sometimes a violent response would be inappropriate. During these times the material in the Self-Protection Crisis Survival Training would be inappropriate and over-kill.

Our training can be very effective even in social settings where you would not want to cause a scene (ie - at a wedding).

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Relationship Violence Survival

For those of you that understand this category, and need this material, contact us directly for more information.

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Firearms Training: Safety, Proficiency and CWP

Safety and proficiency comes from training and practice. Safety means no harm will come to an innocent. Proficient means that only what you intend to happen will happen. Once you are safe and proficient, obtaining your CWP (Concealed Weapons Permit) becomes possible.

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My heart felt desire and Our responsibility

My heart felt desire is that you be safe from violent criminals and be able to get to safety if attacked. The daily assignment of everyone in law enforcement is to "go home for dinner tonight." I believe that mindset is one of several that we all need to have, firmly in place, in the core of our being.

It is an old a cliché that "when seconds count the police are just minutes way."

Rick 2010

However there is an important lesson embedded in that cliché. The lesson is, we are the ones responsible for our safety, at the time of crisis.

Our expression of that responsibility may be observing a "hazard"  and finding a way to avoid it.
Or our expression of that responsibility may be having an appearance of being able to protect ourselves;
Or our expression of that responsibility may be actually having the ability to protect ourselves, by learning skills to de-escalate a situation either verbally or non-verbally (talking our way out of it), as well as the skills needed to physically defending ourselves (without or with a weapon).

It is our desire to help you fulfill your responsibility, by being the resource that you choose to obtain the training that you need for yourself, your  loved ones and if appropriate, your employees or those placed in your care.

We are interested in the most important 5 seconds of your life... we hope you realize, it is not just a cliché:
Not everyone is nice... Be Prepared...
Never Always Happens!

Next Steps...

Success come from taking action. To be successful in your self-protection you need to take action. The action that can equip, empower and transform your life is participating. Click the "Get Prepared" button to choose your next step.