Self-Protection Crisis Survival Training

When seconds count, help is minutes away. We equip and empower people with the Mindset, Awareness and Preparation to be able to go home for dinner. The training we provide can save your life or prevent your rape.

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Self-Protection Social Setting Sexual Assault Survival

Not all assaults are crisis situations. Sometimes they occur during dates and other times where a violent response would be inappropriate. The material in this category provide great effectiveness even in the midst of social settings where causing a scene would be the last thing the you would choose to do (ie - at a wedding). During these times the material you would learn in the Self-Protection Crisis Survival Training would be inappropriate and over-kill.

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Relationship Violence Survival

For those of you that understand this category, and need this material, contact us directly for more information.

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Firearms Safety and Proficiency

Safety and proficiency comes from training and practice. Anything that can cause sudden sever bodily harm can be a scary thing to handle, until you have been trained in its safe usage and handling. This is true whether it is certain power tools, construction equipment, or firearms.

Training can sometimes be passed down from parent to child, however in today's society most training is done by certified professionals, such as Richard Liebespach, of Self-Protection Essentials.


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